Cavity Clearing in Portsmouth

Cavity walls are specifically designed to prevent the penetration of water into the internal walls of your building. The space between the inner and outer walls allows any water that may get in to drain down to the footings of the building. For this system to work, it is crucial that the cavity is kept completely clear. If debris does get into the cavity, it can form a bridge between the inner and outer walls and carry moisture to the interior of the house. This can, in time, cause penetrating damp and mould to occur.

How Cavities Can Become Blocked

There are several reasons why a cavity may become blocked. These include:

  • Incorrect debris clearance during the building process.
  • Debris got in amid any new building work, such as fitting new windows or conservatory installation.
  • Ingress of debris during repair work and home improvements, such as installing a vent or a balanced flue boiler system.

At Sandown Repointing and Wall Ties, we offer a thorough cavity clearance service that will rid your cavity walls of any harmful debris, and prevent any moisture from reaching the inner walls of your property.


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