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We specialise in carrying out professional repointing services throughout the South Coast of the UK. Our staff is highly trained in an extensive range of techniques to ensure the structural integrity of your property. We strive to provide a high-quality service every time, and our specialists will work with you to ensure we meet all your needs.

Styles of Repointing

Our team of craftsmen are highly skilled in various methods of repointing, including double struck, weather struck, bucket handle, and lime repointing.

Double Struck/Birds Beak Repointing

Developed during the Tudor period to overcome brick irregularity, double struck repointing involves using a repointing trowel angled first from the top of the joint to the middle, then slightly recessed from the bottom of the joint to the middle. This style of repointing is also known as birds beak repointing.

Weather Struck Repointing

Weather struck repointing became a popular repointing method in buildings once bricks became more uniform. This joint is designed to direct water away from the brickwork and is created using a trowel angled downward and cut at the bottom to ensure a straight, defined line.

Concave Repointing/Bucket Handle

Concave repointing is the most common style of repointing in the UK today. Commonly known as the ‘bucket handle’, this joint achieves its unique shape by using a jointing iron. The jointer is then used to push the mortar to the edge of the brick to create a curved effect, allowing the water to run easily off the joint and ensuring excellent resistance to rain.

Lime Repointing

Mortars based on lime putty for lime repointing have several advantages over cement-based mortars. A softer, more porous material, it allows moisture to evaporate from the joints rather than from the stone or brick.

The Repointing Process

The first step in our repointing process is removing the old mortar by at least 20mm to ensure the mortar is removed to the top and bottom of the joint. This is done using high-quality, 5” angle grinders with diamond blades and hoovers to ensure the adequate removal of the mortar, as well as any dust resulting from the grinding process. Where these angle grinders cannot be used, our team will use comb hammers and other hand tools.

Following this, our team will wash down the walls to ensure the removal of any loose dust to prepare for the repointing. We then use a traditional hawk and trowel, allowing us to force the new mortar into the joint without any voids. Our team will then shape the mortar to the desired finish. We take great care to ensure that all areas of our repointing services are carried out according to the highest standards to guarantee the structural integrity of your property. Get in touch today for your competitive quote, and to see how we can help you.


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